Memorial Inscription Database

The memorial inscription database records over 8,000 memorial inscriptions within Flaybrick and is as complete as can be achieved at present.  Due to vandalism some memorials are lying face down on the ground.  Where the stone has a visible reference number, we have completed research to ascertain who is in that grave, together with any additional names and dates of death.

The database has been completed to a nationally agreed standard and indicates the type of stone, style of memorial and any inscription.  The database does not include photographs of the memorial.

In order to make an application for a Memorial Inscription check, we require as much information as possible, but at least, the surname of the deceased, providing that surname is uncommon.  However, in most cases we will also need forename and dates of death to distinguish between the many possible incumbents of the same name within Flaybrick.

Please understand that we are all volunteers and the check process can in some cases be very involved, so it may be up to two weeks before we can get a result to you. It is better that we take time to get it right rather than give you a false negative.

We can also arrange for a digital image of the grave to be provided, along with another image of the grave within its immediate surroundings.

Please Note: We now also provide a ‘Grave Finder’ service. Click here for details.

    Please select the service you require:

    Database search onlyDatabase search and Photographs

    Please note: A fee of £5 is payable for a database search and £10 for database search and photographs.