Fern Leaved Beech

Fern Leaved Beech

Species: Fern Leaved Beech. Fagus sylvatica ‘Aspelenifoia’.

Height: 16m (2004)
Diameter: 108cm (2004)
Planted: 1864
Tree Register of British Isles status and No: Class 2, 159708
Tree preservation order: None

Location: Enter Flaybrick Memorial Gardens from Tollemache Road, CH430DG. Take the first path on the right.
Access: Dawn until Dusk every day.
Best time to see: May when foliage is a superb light green.
Threats: None
Who looks after the tree? Wirral Borough Council. Friends of Flaybrick.
Tree warden: Wirral Borough Council.
Can I grow one in my garden? No, too big.
Date of photo: 2021.

Significance: In May this tree gleams emerald green and seems to embrace the graves lying beneath it. Its leaves are dissected compared to other more common beech varieties.

It is in fact one of a pair, the other lies on the opposite side of the main drive. There is also a smaller one further back in the gardens near the chapels.

Apart from being the best example known on the Wirral, the tree was planted by the important landscaper Edward Kemp in1864. It also forms a key part of the English Heritage grade 2 star listed landscape of Flaybrick Memorial Gardens.