Grave Search Database

The Friends are able to access all burial and grave records from the opening in 1864 of what was then known as Birkenhead Cemetery up to around 1960 and this enables us to find out the exact plot number and even the names of all people buried within any grave. We are then able to identify the exact location of the grave by use of our extensive plot maps which we are constantly updating to maintain and improve available information.

There are a number of public graves at Flaybrick; however each person buried within one of these areas will have an individual grave reference number which allows us to identify the site they were laid to rest.

Interested persons can request us to carry out a check and identify the location of any grave and we are also happy to photograph the headstone and forward the image to you. Should you wish to visit Flaybrick and be shown the grave, we are happy to do this by appointment.

A minimum amount of information is required in order for us to undertake the search:

  • Name of deceased.
  • Date of death (minimum requirement is the year of death).
  • Religion of deceased (if known).
  • Information which you require – either just the grave reference or a search and photograph/visit by appointment.

You will of course appreciate that we are a volunteer group so we would ask that a period of up to two weeks be allowed for the provision of information once the request is submitted.

    Please select the service you require:

    Find a GraveFind a Grave and Photographs

    There is no set fee for this service but if you are able to make a donation it woud be greatly appreciated.