Flaybrick Membership

Why not become a friend of flaybrick

As a small, registered charity we rely on a small group of active members not only when we work with the ranger and gardeners each week at Flaybrick but also behind the scenes; we have members doing research, preparing walks and talks, building and developing our website as well as liaising with other similar organisations across Europe.

We do of course produce a quarterly newsletter as well as an annual report and there is also regular contact with Wirral Council officers and staff from Historic England who all support us in what we are trying to do. Annual returns to the Audit Commission and the Charities Commission are also of vital importance in order for us to continue or work.

Naturally, all the things we do have cost implications; insurance and equipment being just two of the regular outgoings we must pay for in order to be able to continue. By becoming a member of our group, you will be supporting each of these things. Membership is just £7 per year and if you are unwaged or of pension age it is only £3.50; as a member, you will receive our newsletters and a copy of the annual report. If you live away or for whatever reason are unable to become an active member, you will nevertheless be a great asset to us by simply becoming a member.

Several people too have chosen to make a small monthly donation by standing order. Any amount however small will be used fully by us in our work at Flaybrick. Should anyone choose to make payments in this way, they will automatically be enrolled as a member for the whole time that the payments continue thus not having to renew membership each year.

Why not think about becoming a Friend of Flaybrick and help us achieve our aim of ‘Bringing Flaybrick back into the community’?

Download our Membership form here.

Download the Bank Transfer form here.

Download our Standing Order form here.

Members and volunteers of Flaybrick receiving the Green Flag