Angus Tilston MBE

It is with great sadness that we pay tribute to of one of our oldest members. Angus had been ill for 6 months before passing away in early August at the age of 86. He has been a member of the Friend’s for 20 years having joined us in July 1999.

Angus was the the founder of Swan Movie Makers, a group dedicated to many aspects of film making but also to recording the Wirral for posterity. In 2006 he said, “I would like to make a video about Flaybrick and the Friends”. Of course, we said yes. There then followed one of the best projects we have ever done as a group.

Image of  the Video Cover of The History and Future of Flaybrick Memorial Gardens
The History & Future of Flaybrick Memorial Gardens Directed by Angus Tilston.

Nearly all of the Friends were involved, either on camera, narrating, being interviewed or helping with distribution. Angus was at the helm, directing of course and always in his beige tilly hat. A measure of how good a job he did can be seen by its financial success when it went on sale at many outlets throughout the Wirral, including bookshops. I was amazed when I looked back at our accounts to find that in the first year of sales in 2007, the video made £645.79. Sales continued all the way till 2016, when by then, the total sales amounted to £1171.31. Although a percentage went back to Swann Movies the video was a major boost to the society’s income. Of course, the video also considerably raised our public profile.

Angus also produced two mood videos with images of Flaybrick dissolving into each other accompanied by especially commissioned music. Then in 2017 he filmed the chapel opening event, once again producing a lovely and priceless record of this important event. I was particularly grateful to him for this as I was hospitalised the day before and missed the big day.

In 2009 it was wonderful to see Angus awarded the MBE for services to the historic film industry.

Angus Tilston MBE

We were fortunate indeed to have had such a talented film maker as member and on behalf of all the membership we say, “Farewell our staunch and loyal friend”.

by John Moffat

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