The former Roman Catholic chapel at Flaybrick.

On Saturday 19th November, Flaybrick Memorial Gardens saw another visit from Father Michael Coughlan who this time brought along members of his congregation from the church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception in Price Street.

When Father Michael first met us in July, we showed him the site of the former Roman Catholic chapel which is now marked only by a small wall constructed out of reclaimed stone from the building after its demolition in 1971. When this wall was built, a Yorkstone slab was included which had an inscription stating:

Site of the
Roman Catholic Chapel
1864 – 1971
“Here was a house of God
And a gate to Heaven
Blessed is he
Who dies
In the name
Of the Lord”

Over time, the slab had been vandalised and the lettering had become so weathered that it was totally illegible so as part of our work within the section, we commissioned a replacement Yorkstone memorial with the exact wording reproduced. It has been there since late 2021 but we felt that the work wasn’t completed without some form of blessing carried out by the parish priest.

On a mild November morning, we made our way to the site and witnessed a reading from a parishioner, and a short service of blessing conducted by Father Michael after which the 30/40 people who attended stood and chatted for a while before a short thankyou speech from a member of the Friends of Flaybrick brought the event to a conclusion.

The thanks of the Friends of Flaybrick go of course to Father Michael and his parishioners for joining us for this special event; we look forward to continuing to strengthen our new links with them.

The blessing of the commemoration site of former Roman Catholic Chapel, Flaybrick Memorial Gardens
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