Private guided walk on 28th June 2018

Private tour group at FlaybrickOn 28th June in blazing sunshine yet again, we welcomed members of the Leverhulme Pensioners Association for a guided walk around our parched acres.

Thirty one members of the group attended and few had any awareness of the importance of Flaybrick in the history of Wirral prior to the day. We were able to tell them about the beginnings of Flaybrick and talk about a dozen or so of the people resting here at the site including one of the architects who designed the chapels and also one of the founding fathers of Tranmere Rovers.

The Friends would like to thank the group for their interest and in particular for the generous donation over and above the standard £2 fee we ask for. For a small charity such as ours, kindness on this scale is greatly appreciated.

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