Thanks to all the unsung heroes

We are always delighted when people walking around Flaybrick stop and talk to our volunteer group members about what we do and what our plans are for the future. On gloriously hot days such as we’ve been experiencing recently, it’s also a good excuse to have a break and get our breath back!

We are, too, always delighted at the kindness and support shown to us and a couple of recent examples demonstrate this so well:

On Sunday 10th June, local community organiser Rob led a group of eight volunteers round Flaybrick Memorial Gardens to undertake a litter pick. This was an entirely voluntary act of the part of the group for which they sought no thanks or attention; their kindness only came to light because our own Rob, who is looking after the guided walks programme for this year, happened to be on site at the time planning the July walk.

The Friends of Flaybrick are grateful to Rob and his merry men and of course to any other group which may wish to come along to give us a hand to keep the site in good condition.

Similarly on 30th June a dog walker stopped to chat as we were working to create the paths around the chapels and seeing that the chapels were open, asked if he could have a look around them. After about ten minutes he emerged and had been amazed at what he had seen. Before leaving to continue his walk around, he very kindly gave us £20 for our charity and thanked us for all that we are trying to do to keep Flaybrick looking good.

The support we receive from the people of Wirral is greatly appreciated.

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